Learning is a grand tool for the Warrior. You should always strive to expand the boundaries of your knowledge. Cultivate a wide variety of interests. Words, movement, and ideas all have an art and magic of their own. The Warrior shouldn't concern himself exclusively with death and destruction. A joie de vivreis one of the gifts of having accepted death, and set it aside. The more things you know about, the more you can enjoy.

You can always learn something, no matter what you are doing. It may simply be cultivating patience, or acquiring a slightly different perspective. Merely because you know a great deal about a certain subject, don't assume you can't learn something from someone who knows only a little about it. Never forget: you could be wrong. Learning is usually a mutually beneficial process if both parties are interested. Even a professional teacher learns from every new group of students if he is open to new ideas. This openness is the true pre-requisite to learning.

The biggest difference between learning within the Warrior ethic and the learning commonly encountered in the "traditional" education arena is our emphasis on the process of thinking and learning. Rather than memorizing a prescribed set of facts you pursue topics of your own choosing. Learning how to learn is one of the most important skills to master. It will enable you to excel rapidly in new endeavors and provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.

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