There always have been, and always will be, women Warriors. This exercise in demography is, however, minor as a consideration for Warriors. There are also: black, white, red, and yellow Warriors; straight, gay, and bi Warriors; and left-handed, right- handed, and ambidextrous Warriors. All of these are secondary, even tertiary, characteristics.

The measure of a Warrior is taken in traits other than those determined by genetics, training, or taste. The characteristics above mixed with an individual's culture and education are what gives each individual a unique flavor to the embodiment of the Warrior Spirit. The only time these characteristics are of primary importance is when you or someone else attempts to deny the right of Warrior status based on them. Being a Warrior is a matter of attitude and spirit, not class or genetics. You are the only person who can deny your right to be a Warrior.

As an aside, the reason the masculine term is used most of the time is due to a bias in our grammar, not on my part. If I can find a suitable and comfortable gender-neutral term I will use it. If you are reading this, then I hadn't found one when this was printed/copied/whatever and you are cordially invited to send me such a term.

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