Welcome to my world. These essays represent my view of reality, as it was when they were written. In addition to not claiming that this is the only true way, I don't claim my view to be immutable. My view of the Warrior Way reveals my orientation as a physical defender: a policeman and a soldier. Relatively few people in our culture are in a position to practice these roles professionally, but the need for Warriors of the Spirit is ever more pressing today.

These Warriors rely more on moral than physical courage to pursue their quest for justice. They are every bit as important as the more traditional Warrior. You will see in this world the influences of oriental philosophy, military tactics, and history. You may recognize concepts from classical myths or modern SF/fantasy. I find these concepts valid, for my view of the Warrior is at least as firmly rooted in myth as in history.

I wrote these essays as an exercise in creative thinking and to help me clarify my thoughts for myself. They are all open for discussion. How could I keep learning without being open to discussion? Finally then, this collection is for you: my teachers, students, friends, and family. Welcome.

Note for the web edition:

In life things often don't make sense without the proper frame of reference. These essays are no exception. If you don't already know what the SCA is, then how did you end up here? No, that's not it. <G> The SCA is a medieval reenactment/education group. Some of these will make little sense without that tidbit. If you need more information you can start at, the main page of this domain, or write me.

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